Give your business an extended visibility by Craigslist Ad Design

Classified ads play vital role to reach at potential customers regardless of their location to promote and trade your goods and services. Classified ads are more effective and cheaper than other online advertising services like PPC which costs a lot of money, and it is very fast way to reach a large number of audience.  There are thousands of online classified websites are available some are free and some charges very less, craigslist is one of the leading name in classified ad world which offering free submission facility to the advertisers.

Craigslist advertising is a huge community which gives boost to your business with three type of craigslist ad making text ad, image ad and html ad. It has various sections like jobs, services, personal, for sale etc which let you post any product and services in its related category. Millions of people around the world recognize craigslist as the prospective stage of making money by selling their goods and services. Most companies that offer craigslist ad design services make standard images based ads some also offering animation and video based ad design to stand out from other simple html based ads like picture ads generate more revenue than the plain text ads.

We design clean, professional image ads for Craigslist. If you are interested in purchasing this service, you can call (+91) 9099-876-111 with additional questions.When you select us to be your designer, We will work very hard to help your reader capture the message that you are trying to on them. Cragslist advertising is a great way to reach your target audience or a fraction of the cost of print, radio and video advertising.

Converting a reader to a client is one of the most important pieces that a good designer sets as a goal for the advertisement. Perhaps you want the reader to call you or visit your website? Should they download your ebook or browse a product page? Our ads link back to your web site where your customers can learn more about your company, make a purchase or subscribe to your newsletter / email list.

Consistency in your brand is important as well. Your other advertising and marketing materials should incorporate your logo, color scheme and verbage that tells the customer why they should select your product or service. Simply having a few lines of text does not appear very professional to a customer looking for an established, reputable company to work with. Let your creative ad design be a true representation of what your business truly is.

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iSleak reveals exciting Christmas offers

Web development company term refers to the development of websites, applications and designing. Nevertheless, the growth of the industry has enabled web development companies’ to provide an assortment of services that have now become the segment of I.T industry such services include internet marketing, advertising, multimedia service and more. Yet the services vary from company to company. Since the evolvement of the technology and the usage of the internet has revved up, web development industry started thriving throughout the world.

iSleak is a web development company that offers the complete web solutions and services. The significant aspects of iSleak’s business include E-commerce development, SEO services, and mobile application development. Every year many companies from different field/industry come up with promotional offers, mostly on occasions that have something attractive to offer. Same way web development companies offer promotional packages only in the time of Christmas. This year iSleak has come up with two packages that are only available for a limited period of time. Those two packages would be SEO and E-Commerce.

SEO Package

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing but a sort of internet marketing that helps your business groom in a unique way. It is the process that makes your website visible throughout search engines. This service can be divided into two divisions paid and unpaid. The most effective and widely used and preferred division is unpaid, which is also known as Natural SEO. There also several subdivisions of this service that we will see later. SEO service improves the hierarchy of your website in search engines which lead your business toward your goal. For e.g. now when you search for your need on Google such as a product, service or anything Google boast all the pages relevant to your need through keyword that has been typed to search. Google will come up with myriad pages after a search; now your odds of moving on the second or third page to see more options are very less than visiting the websites that are on first page. Same way the odds of more people knowing about your company and doing business with you is more likely when your website will be top in rank.

The promotional SEO package that we are running is called Booster plan. As mentioned above that there are subdivisions of SEO service now we will see what those are. SEO service is mostly depended on two sorts “on page optimization” and “off page optimization”. Basically, there are three segments that our Booster plan consists of and that would be On Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization and Reports.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is SEO aspect followed by every SEO service provider. In this segment changes are made in code and design level that aids search engine spiders to read the page effectively and index them – resulting high page rank. Search engine evaluates the higher page rank of your website based on page consisting better informative and better exhibits; this evaluation is done from search engine’s point of view not human.

Off Page Optimization

Off page Optimization does not include any internal website changes. This factor helps boosting the rank of a website without controlling coding or design. It refers to the creation of back links, social media, forum posting, press release and more. This process populates the link and increasing the number of pages in the search engines.


Our report segment ensures the updating of the changes on a daily basis such as what all change has been made or worked against your website. Moreover, the report consists of Pre Optimization, Initial Keyword Ranking, Submission Detailed and Monthly Keyword Ranking.

This was our SEO service package now we will move to another promotional offer of E-commerce solution. Our E-commerce package includes the complete solution from a shopping cart to product catalog/blog and onpage optimization. Onpage Optimization is an additional advantage that you will get in our E-commerce package, as mentioned earlier it will help increasing the hierarchy of your website in search engines. The amendments of development may vary depending on the sub packages. The over all E-commerce solution will include Shopping cart, Administration, Payment gateway, Shipping and order management, Security & encryption, Product catalog/blog and OnPage optimization.

If you are interested to take advantage of any of the services above, Please feel free to contact us anytime by visiting our website.

Browse the world at your fingertip with Augmented Reality

It is well known that Android has made up with the Augmented Reality. Till date it helped finding houses, jobs, restaurant, bars, clubs and lot more with the appropriate information such as address and price by just aiming the device to the spot to search out suitable information. But the interesting talk is yet to come!

Now it is not restricted to your device, it factually helps you sharing the content with your friends too. It gives you knack to share the captured content with your friends including information on said social networking sites.

In addition, it gives the application fleeting look by providing cool interface to the users. Animated icons and 3D models are agreeable this time which makes application come alive.

What else any application needs, easy navigations? The navigation was never so good before. By giving a face-lift to the user interface it offers you four-tab navigation: favorite tab, recent tab, featured tab and setting tab which makes application even swift.

With the help of visual fingerprints of the objects it tells what objects in this physical world are augmented.

The Radar view helps in searching places around you and results with pop-up dots. You only have to hit on one pop-up dot from the given to get view of desired entity with the significant information. Hit the information bar to get more information and long press call realtor to get in touch with the identical person.

Android’s keenness of perception has taken augmented reality to the next level. This branded new generation reality app of Android is available publicly now.

A technique to augment objects in physical world does not give you anticipation but FACT. Now the reality is no more an illusion.

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Important Reasons to Hire iPhone App Developer from India

iPhone is the leading smartphone in the world at present. The magnificent iphone applications really make it exceptional an exceptional device. An offshore iPhone App development company really provides stunning and superb benefits to us. Now these days, people mostly use iphone as when in comparison to PC or notebooks. iPhone really provides to their users, each of function which are offered by Computer or Notebooks. iPhone provides most of features like games, GPS routing, web surfing, e-commerce any many more. iphone is really a great way to personally interact but is also suitable for the business purposes.

There are many iphone Application Development companies existing in the market but Indian iPhone App Development market is the most affordable among other developers. Hire iPhone App Developer is really one of most vital feature for those who have their Internet Company. Always try to hire those companies which are experienced and have the powerful knowledge of mobile app development. We should have to know that good companies are distinguished by a strong iPhone app development portfolio.

These types of iPhone Application Development companies have some of requirements that help them to meet their Client’s objectives. These development companies are really the most cost effective source to get quality iPhone Applications. This type of application development companies are committed to provide the best solutions along with great result. This feature is really helpful to get more and more visitors to your webpage. It really improves credibility of your organization. With the help of these iPhone application development companies, Your website would be appropriate with iPhone . Any of individual can easily look for your website through iPhone from anywhere at anytime.

These development organizations really make your website iPhone Compatible which makes it a handy device to access the internet. Indian iPhone development companies provide iPhone developers for hire on excellent need. These iPhone application development companies possess expertise in C,   XHTML, JavaScript, DHTML, Ajax and iPhone SDK which are the necessary for developing solid and exceptional iPhone web application.

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Sophisticated E-commerce platform exemplifies elegance not the accessibility

E-commerce has become the core business of online trading, and it is expanding day by day. Looking at people’s involvement in this filed seems that more public prefers to shop online than moving to stores or malls. In this situation, one has to develop an online store that not only entices a customer through it’s elegance but also an accessibility is as important as catching an eye of a customer. There are many platforms available to build an online store; however, the one which allows to you to interact easily and mend seamlessly in the future if required can be a great choice. One of those platforms is Magento E-commerce solution.

iSleak is deeply involved with this platform and has executed numerous Magento E-commerce solutions.
The development of Magento E-commerce solutions is now amplifying extensively as its robust features and inbuilt functionalities make the online store mange with no hurdles.

Below are the core modules that our Magento E-commerce development includes.

  • Shopping cart and product ‘look and feel’ are themeable
  • Create taxes, charges and discounts
  • Subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Receive donations
  • Sell file downloads, shippable items, bundles or even on-the-fly customizable products
  • Inventory management
  • Payment and shipping plugins: The system can use PayPal,, eWAY, C.O.D. or you can roll your own.
  • Invoice generation and email notifications
  • Transaction and payment workflows
  • Reports and sales summaries
  • Customers can review their order history
  • Run an auction site

These admin functionalities can also be amended based on one’s requirement. The best aspect of above module is it also includes e-marketing solution wherein you can send the new promotions, newsletters or any updates to your customer in bulk at a time.


The Android app development companies in India offer amazing applications to its clientele, but how come they achieve this? Well! They are Android app developers the actual heroes behind the success.

I was asked to attend a conclave on the subject of “app developers in India”. Many skilled professional appeared with their area under discussion. I realized how important the Smartphone is in today’s life, especially when people need to communicate and stay linked with their friends and families intuitively. It was more like the advantages of having a Smartphone. I was on high thought how mobile app development companies achieve such a painstaking task to help their clientele. At the end of the conclave I realized the success behind these companies is their hard working developers. I did not calm my queries. Now I wanted to know the platform which is better of all and that developers opt for their profession. After the keen study of market I came to know the siren lyrics for Android app developers.

The advantages these developers enumerated to me were;

 The development tools are very easy to use. They provide developer to enhance the feature by offering the rich browser support. It has the best options to create a network between the applications. It is portable and gives an amazing experience between the application and the final user. It is easy to create and has many options to distribute applications to the clientele, for example, selling through third party stores. This is one of the main reasons that have grown the business and sale of Android app development companies.

It is cost & time effective. Both local and offshore clients get cost effective services from the professional highly skilled developer, especially when client asks for Android app developers from India. Another important reason of its cost efficiency is that it is an open Source platform. The development life cycle helps developers to divert their mind from only implementation and concentrate on understanding clientele need.

Developers have freedom to play with their inventiveness. Developers are free to let their imagination route on Android SDK for creating useful applications. Moreover, they are facilitated with the replication of codes to develop more creative features for the application. They fetch requirements quickly but precisely and offer absolute customized Services. The development technologies are highly advanced. Operating System is very swift and has very low chance to crash down that means more stability.

After realizing the advantages that have written above, I would recommend you to hire a company which deals in Android app development and has some skilled and creative Android app developers. Moreover, I would say to approach some Indian company as it assures you time bonding services within your means.

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PHP Web Development: A potent solution for efficient and cost effective Web Development

The capabilities of PHP web development are seamless. Read article to find out the potential of PHP web development and advantage of Indian developers at it.

Dynamic web development has become a necessity for companies now days. And why not, when the need of data integration along with real time display of the same is what Customers and firms are craving for. PHP Web development is, but one option that has emerged as an effective solution that has managed to capture the intellect of web developers to generate dynamic web pages that allows tight integration, display and transfer of data from websites to users and vice versa across major platforms.

Advantages with PHP Web development for businesses:

• PHP Being an Open source application makes PHP Web Development, cost and time effective. Unlike platforms like ASP/ which makes a developer wait for module additions and bug fixing, the PHP always has the world wide community at its disposal for such issues.

• PHP works smoothly with visual applications such as Flash, Ajax etc. which are common visual tools. It provides great visual effects with these visual tools which is a big plus for any website. Add to it, the personal library of PHP and one gets breathtaking graphic effects.

• Be it Windows, Linux or Unix, PHP works with a majority of the server platforms which gives freedom to choose between platforms with accordance to the cost. Firms can easily select the platform according to their budget.

• Connective abilities of PHP with different databases are highly efficient and useful. It can interact easily with one database and then move to another making a website fetch the required data to function normally.

• PHP is easy to work with, as it resembles closely to C++ in functionality, which is itself a general tool for developers. This makes the companies save their money on training developers on a new tool.

• PHP websites are also easily tracked by the major search engines compared to other platforms. The inflating figures of buyers on both B2B and B2C transactions thus make PHP the preferred option for web development for future as well.

Benefits working with Indian PHP Developers:

• Indian PHP developers are highly skilled and professional which ensures timely delivery of assigned projects.

• Since Indian developers are excellent in communication skills, it becomes easier for overseas clients to interact and share information and ideas with the developers in real time.

• Hiring and Indian developer will not only get your website in place but a bundle of other services including maintenance, testing etc. will be offered too.

• Apart from being meticulous and talented, the Indian developers are very affordable and offer custom Web development packages tailored according to the size and complexity of the projects.

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Empower E-Commerce with Magento Development Solutions from India

Magento was, and still is, one of the top open-source e-commerce platforms. However, Magento development india is important as it has to move along with new trends and demands in this constantly changing market.

One of the main pillars of Magento development is definitely security. Magento is regarded as one of the most secure platforms to create e-commerce sites. This importance on security makes Magento popular for both small businesses, as well as large multinationals. Besides ensuring that security is maintained and constantly improved, Magento development also centers on the need to offer users a good experience.

Hence this platform is considered as flexible and efficient. It helps the user a great deal by providing an easy-to-use environment that enhances any user’s experience. In fact Magento has several responsive themes. This is in line with the need to ensure that a website runs well not only on a computer system, but even on a mobile device. Thus mobile versions of existing sites are created, and nowadays, the trend is to create a site that is compatible with any system and OS. Magento offers optimal web page viewing, and the possibility for fast and easy development.
Moreover, the Magento development platform allows for a lot of scalability. One will be able to add features and functionalities very easily, and while doing so there will not be any interference with the sites looked.

Magento also offers the possibility of integrating any existing databases and applications, as well as real-time personalization. This enhances the user experience, and makes the site more appealing and trendy to users.

The Magento platform also enables one to develop more than just one store. This is a common trend nowadays that many businesses are diversifying. When taking all these aspects into account one can safely say that Magento is one of the best options for e-commerce projects in this day and age.

So, If you are looking to get your business online then you can definitely go ahead and order our Magento development services at